how to take bath in islamic way, ghusl ka tarika

How to take Proper bath in Islam (ghusl)

Learn How you can take Proper bath in an Islamic way (ghusl).


(Ghusl) taking a bath something which we do every day but if you think about it it’s a very important part of our religion (Islam) because if you’re not spiritually pure, you cannot perform some important religious deeds and how much time and effort you put into learning the correct manner of ghusl and how consciously and how well you perform the ghusl shows your concern for the way you stand before Allah.

Because “ghusl is a trust between you and your Rabb” and we really can’t emphasize the importance of ghusl enough.

In this article, we will begin the discussion with the obligatory ghusl which will helpful to you when you are in a hurry or if there is not enough time to take a complete Ghusl.

I will take you steps by steps through the etiquettes of the complete Ghusl. Where we will discuss the sunnah acts of Ghusl.

There are two kinds of ritual impurities.

Minor Impurity and the major impurity which occurs as a result of:-

1. JANABAH (Sexual intercourse, ejaculation)

2. HAYDH (Menstruation or periods)

3. NIFAAS (Menstruation or periods)

To achieve the harm from the minor impurity you only need to renew your Wudhu ablution whereas in the case of major impurity you need to take a ghusl and ghusl can be taken in two ways.

  1. A complete ghusl with all the sunnah of the Prophet Swt.
  2. Partial or a sufficient ghusl which means only knowing what is obligatory to free yourself from the ritual impurity.

So what are these obligatory acts of ghusl?

first is Niyyah (Intention) that you are taking this bath to purify yourself from the major ritual impurity. Rinsing your mouth and nose and letting the water run over your entire body at least once, make sure it reaches every part of it even though scalp under the thick hair if you manage to do this much then you have purified yourself from the major ritual impurity.

As for the complete ghusl and this is the Mustahab and it is how the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his family), took a bath and this

is how you should do it.

Complete Ghusl

1. Begin with an intention to purify yourself from the major impurity then say “Bismillah” 

2. wash your hand three times.

3. Then with your left hand wash your private parts and anywhere else that is contaminated with traces of impurity.

4. Then make a complete WUDHU just as you would for prayers.

5. Now Pour Water over your head three times rubbing and making sure that it thoroughly reaches your scalp. (some scholars says three times means once on the right next on the left and then in the centre).

6. And then pour water and wash the entire body beginning from the right side then the left while rubbing it with your hands so that you are sure you haven’t missed any parts.

So these are the main etiquettes of the complete Bath (Ghusl)

Hope you like it please share it with all the Muslim brothers and sisters.

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